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Adelaide Kane
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Adelaide gets new Neighbours

St Hilda's Year II students, from left, Elizabeth Edwards, Emily Charles, Natalie Vincent, Rachel Tucker, Rebecca Crane and Emily Komiyama celebrate their classmate Adelaide Kane, centre, going to Melbourne for a role in Neighbours. Picture: Paul McGovern

The St Hilda's Anglican School Year 11 student auditioned with 7000 teenagers for one of two spots on the soap opera Neighbours.

She will exchange her neighbours in Claremont for the famous TV characters for three months and will play the character of Louise, an adopted daughter of Lou Carpenter (played by Tom Oliver).

The final cut was announced on August 4 at the Melbourne studios, and Adelaide arrived back at school on Wednesday to the excited squeals of her friends.

She will move to Melbourne with her mother Janine to begin at the TV studios on September 4.

Her brother William (12) will stay in Perth with their stepfather Fraser.

Adelaide's contract could be extended up to three years, but she said she was taking the three months as a great opportunity to learn as much as possible without getting too hopeful.

After several weeks back in Perth with no word other than the announcement date, a call from her mother – in the middle of a singing lesson – saying she was shortlisted, came as a complete surprise.

"We bought cowboy boots to celebrate," Adelaide said.

Then it was off to Melbourne for two more auditions and, once selected alongside Sam Clark from South Australia, she met the cast, crew and directors.

She said one of the most fascinating experiences was seeing the huge studios where she was able to walk from the inside of "Toadfish's" house through a door into Susan's house.

Adelaide's face will also be cropping up in Royal Show advertisements.

She has acted for the past eight years, including in Red Rooster commercials and other work for her agency, Frog Management.

Trudy Dunn, head of drama at St Hilda's, said: "Adelaide was always seeking the perfect performance.

Her realistic characterisations were excellent and we were not surprised she had success in this avenue of performance."

Although she has had singing lessons, Adelaide said she had no plans to make Neighbours a stepping stone for a singing career, following in the steps of Kylie Minogue, Delta Goodrem and Natalie Imbruglia.